Fee Schedule

As a registered training organisation NMLL calculates fees and charges for government funded training according to government direction and funding body contracts, including the NMLL 2020 Guidelines about Determining Student Eligibility and Supporting Evidence

Tuition and amenities fees must be paid prior to commencing a course. Fee rates may differ according to the individual’s residency status and whether or not they hold a concession card.

Enrolment tuition fees are determined by individual circumstances and the number of hours of enrollment. The following provides a summary of the eligibility requirements for a government funded place and the pricing mechanism. The actual enrollment fees can be calculated at the inquiry stage.

Hardship Fee Waiver

In cases of hardship, students may be exempt from fees in accordance with NMLL policy. To apply for an exemption please contact the office in person or on 9326 7447.


If a student wishes to withdraw from a course, and does so within four weeks of commencement, they may apply for a refund by submitting a Withdrawal and Refund Form. Refunds are made in accordance with the Fees and Refunds Policy which can be found on our Policies page. For further information please contact us.