Everybody’s Business course


We have designed a comprehensive Micro Business course specially tailored to the needs of CALD women.

In 2018 the course will be delivered over a seven-week period, with the classroom delivery undertaken two days each week.

Major business concepts are unpacked, ideas are tested, goals are set and barriers are explored and broken down. We take each participant on an individual journey, starting where they are at by tailoring the classroom support, mentoring and setting realistic goals.

We foster a learning environment that encourages the advancement of written and spoken English, the use of technology for business and the development of productive work habits. There is also a large focus placed on the Australian business environment and Australian consumer behaviours, coupled with an introduction to the most up-to-date resources available to Entrepreneurs in Victoria.
Features of our course include; guests speakers from specialist business fields, English language support, excursions, exposure and training in technology, free childcare, interactive learning. We also offer business mentoring at the conclusion of the course to keep the momentum and motivate going.

  • See the Everybody’s Business course outline here

  • To find out when our next course is scheduled or to express your interest, please contact Juliana Lobo.

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