Health Literacy Consultation

North Melbourne Language and Learning (NMLL) with assistance from a grant from the City of Melbourne is undertaking consultations and research with our students regarding: the difficulties they have to accessing health services; and the health issues that they are most concerned about.

Project participants come from a range of cultural backgrounds including China, Vietnam, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, El Salvador and Egypt. The information from this project will be used to provide the NMLL community with health information: including incorporating presentations and written information into classroom sessions; and sourcing and distributing translated materials on a range of health issues and services relevant to our community.

In addition to providing opportunities for the NMLL community to access health resources most relevant to them in their own languages; NMLL will also use the information arising from the consultations and surveys to advocate on behalf of our community. NMLL will be feeding information raised through this project to service providers and decision-makers to ensure that their concerns and voices are heard regarding access to health information and services.

At a recent focus group with some of the NMLL students, the following key issues were identified:

  • That GPs are a primary contact point regarding health issues.
  • Identified a need for health information pamphlets/fact sheets to have English versions alongside information their own languages.
  • Food and nutrition as a key issue within their communities.
  • Health services and issues information to be provided both in written and oral format.
  • Health information to focus on prevention alongside the management of illnesses.
  • Enthusiasm for health presentations and information to continue to be a part of classroom lesson delivery and learning English at NMLL.

Please contact Loretta on 9326 7447, NMLL Community Development Worker for more information about this Project.