Job Active Referrals

We welcome clients from Employment Service Providers (ESP) to participate in our accredited and pre-accredited training courses. We offer government funded training to eligible applicants for accredited training via HESG and pre-accredited training via Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE), under the Victorian Training Guarantee.

NMLL offers Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program

This program is free to eligible participants referred by Centrelink or Employment Services Providers.

Job Seeker Referral Form

To refer a job seeker to NMLL for accredited training you must provide us with a JSA Referral Form. See details below on how to complete this form and enrol your client.

Completion of this referral form also authorises NMLL to disclose details of a client’s participation in the enrolled course. NMLL will not discuss details of a client’s participation and attendance without a signed copy of this form.

Fees for accredited training courses

In 2013 the government removed the Job Seeker Fee Waiver and changed the system for concession fee reimbursements.  JSA providers now need to nominate whether they or their client will pay the main course fee and any other course costs. Where the client is eligible for concession fees the JSA provider is now responsible for paying the funding ‘gap’

How to refer your client to NMLL

1) Email or fax a JSA Referral Form to us with the Part A completed. Please note all students for ESL courses require a level check by a TESOL teacher before they can be placed in a class. A course of study cannot be nominated befor this.

2)  Call our office on 9326 7447 to organise an interview/level check for your client (see How to Enrol for what happens in an interview).

3)  Before the interview for your client you should also confirm with us your client’s eligibility for government funding, concession status and who should be invoiced for fees (you or your client) NMLL will complete the ‘Fee Information’ part of the referral form

4)  NMLL will interview your client, suggest a course and return a copy of the completed referral form to you, including fees. We will also be in contact if any additional fees or information are required.

Please contact us if you need clarity or more information on the process for referring clients to accredited training and the legislation that affects it.